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The Horror Cult is for anyone who identifies as having an excessive admiration for horror and anything eerie. Pay your dues to be a member of the Horror Cult and receive a curated bi-monthly limited edition (only 66 boxes per run) box that gains you access to exclusive items.
You know that feeling of excitement when you order something online? The anticipation is killer! Now, imagine that PLUS a mystery factor!
While each box will contain variations of the below items, the mystery item will remain a secret until the member opens their individual box. Each is hand numbered to ensure exclusivity. 


  • VHS Tape - highly curated with NO filler tapes or copies of Titanic
  • Exclusive Studiohouse designed T-Shirt - available only to Cult members
  • Mystery novelty item(s) - created/designed by SH specifically for horror aficionados 
  • Deluxe SH designed enamel pin - available only to Cult members, different design each box
  • Stickers - horror/VHS themed 
  • Popcorn - to munch on while watching that VHS tape
  • Promotional items - fellow companies that can include exclusive coupon codes
  • SH coupon code - 20% off future orders for Cult members  


You choose what variation works for you! We have three different box durations: 1 box, 3 boxes, or 6 boxes.
If you purchase more than 1 box at the same time, you'll save 15%! PLUS, you'll receive bonus items!
The advantage of purchasing more than 1 box doesn't stop at saving money and receiving bonus items; members will pay only once, so you don't have to worry about automatic payments coming out of your account later. Shipping for ALL boxes is calculated by how many boxes you purchase, and is charged at once with your purchase total. 

Pre-orders for this second run of boxes begin November 1st and will close on November 15th. We will also begin shipping them on November 15th.

The following box preorder will open on January 1st 2018 and close/begin shipping on January 15th 2018 and so on.