Thanks so much for your interest in our products! We wholesale our items to quite a few different companies from all over the world including Japan and New Zealand! Wholesaling is available to any interested company, whether it's an International company or a brick-and-mortar in the US! We feel it's a great opportunity for us and for the consumer! 

All of our designs are available to wholesale unless otherwise specified (i.e.. limited releases and special edition). We have a few requirements for wholesale orders to ensure efficiency:

Products in stock online (current inventory) have a minimum quantity of 24 pieces total

If ordering pieces of our current inventory, they will NOT be taken out of inventory until payment is received

Products that require us to reprint/restock them (out of stock products online), have a 100 piece minimum quantity per design

Turnaround time for current inventory is around 7-10 business days (usually sooner)

Turnaround time for reprinted/restocked/preorder designs is 3 - 4 weeks

Wholesale accounts may NOT sell our products online to addresses in the US. If we find that this requirement isn't met, you forfeit your wholesale account with us and no future orders will be able to be placed. If your company is outside the US and you wish to sell online in the country you're located in, that is perfectly fine! One of the reasons International companies wish to wholesale from us is that then their customers can avoid paying excessive shipping and customs fees.

Pricing is pretty simple. We offer most of our products at 35% off what it retails for (Example: $26 tee will be $16.90 to buy wholesale). The only exception to this is hoodies which are 25% off their retail price (Originally $60 retail, wholesale is $45.00). 

After understanding our requirements and determining which designs you're interested in, we ask that you EMAIL US to obtain a wholesale order form. This will include designs desired, quantities, and size breakdowns. Please fill out the ENTIRE form to avoid delays in processing. 

When determining what items you'd like to order, it helps to visit our website and add all items to the cart. That way you can ensure they are all in stock.

Once we receive your order request, we will email you a detailed invoice including shipping costs. This can be paid through PayPal using a debit/credit card. Your order will NOT be processed until we receive full payment.

    Let us know if you have any questions!

    Please contact us at: 

    We look forward to working with you!