Studiohouse (SH) was built in 2012 to embody a love of horror and art. Through hard work and dedication, what was once a screen-printed, poster-driven endeavor, has now flourished into something much bigger.

Studiohouse now focuses vastly on not only horror memorabilia, but horror VHS tape cover art. Cody Brown, owner of SH, became fascinated early on with the aesthetic and vibrancy of 70s and 80s B-horror VHS tapes. He designs/curates all of SH's merchandise with these as his muse. His VHS collection continues to progress as rapidly as SH does.

With the expansion of SH, Erin Jacob, Cody's partner, joined the ranks and now plays an integral role in SH as well. Erin handles all of the shipping, inventory and customer service interactions, as well as the BTS business aspects.

Through all of the support and encouragement of our friends and customers, we're able to continue pursuing our dreams of making Studiohouse into a collective that celebrates nostalgia dripping with horror! We couldn't have done this without YOU!